Want a job in the United States?  This book was written for you.

The International Student’s Guide to Finding a Job in the United States.

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“I’m really happy to be writing this email to you because I recently found a job in my field of study (investment consulting) in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Thanks a lot for coming to Northeastern Univ that one evening and changing my (and other MBA students) entire outlook about the US job search!”
Mehmood Saad Quedwai, Northeastern University, MBA
Have you been applying to jobs online, sending your resume everywhere, and getting no results or responses? Are you being told by recruiters that their company doesn’t sponsor H-1B visas? As a student, you have limited time for your job search.  Learn how to invest your time, and give yourself the best chance of finding a U.S. job with visa sponsorship.  Turn your OPT into an H-1B, and get the job you came to America to get.  
  • Learn how to find a job at almost any company: even if the company has a policy against sponsoring H-1B visas.
  • Learn why human resources staff are often an obstacle, instead of a conduit to finding a job – and how to bypass them.
  • Learn why applying to jobs online is almost a complete waste of time – and how you can better use that time.


 Power Ties: The International Student’s Guide to Finding a Job in the United States has been widely praised by international students and career counselors. Written by the former head of campus recruiting at Monster.com, the book reveals common mistakes made by international students, an explains the best path to getting a job in the United States with H-1B sponsorship. 


To get an H-1B visa, you need a job offer from an American employer. Immigration lawyers and lists of past visa sponsors won’t show you how to get one.  This book will.   

Taking action is what determines success. You’ve already been successful in studying at an American university.  Are you ready to find a job in the United States?  

3 Responses to Home

  1. Julian Vivas says:

    Mr. Beaudry,

    My name is Julian Vivas and I am a graduate student at Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. I just wanted to thank you for your book, it is a great guide everyone should read and take notes. I feel it has put me in the right path.

    Julian V.

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks Julian! I’ve given a couple of presentations at Kellstadt over the years. I hope your semester is off to a good start.

  3. Varun Sangoju says:

    Mr. Beaudry,

    Unfortunately I missed your seminar at UT Arlington today. Though I’ll be reading the book, I just wanted to know if I missed anything important. I really hope the book answers all my questions.

    Thank you,

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