• Speaking Engagement

    4/7/14: Harvard University


    “Time and again international students struggle to understand the importance and etiquette involved in the informational interview process. Many fail to grasp that the very act of requesting an informational interview signifies that one is job searching. This subtle act of requenting an informational interview is in fact code for “I am looking for a job”, and one does not need to explicitly say so. Through Dan Beaudry’s masterful delivery of debunking these and other common misconceptions many international finally see the light. His humor, down to earth presentation style and credibility as an human resources professional help international students learn the realities of hiring practices in a supportive and educational manner. While career counselors may often tell international students these very tricks, Dan’s presentation and delivery make students sit up and actually listen! By the time his presentation was over, there was a long line of enthusiastic students waiting to buy his book and learn more.”

    Amy Sanford, Assistant Director, Office of Career Services, Harvard University